Calling in Angels..

 How do you know who to call in.. well there are lots of Angels and even just calling in all Angels will get the attention of the ones you need.

All angels can help everyone at the same time and are not constricted by the same earthly boundaries of physicality's that we are here. Therefore, do not fear that by calling them in that you are taking their help from someone else. It's just not the case and they are so happy to help for any problem, no matter how big or small, you think it is! I will list here some of the Angels and the specific situations they could assist you with..

It is important to know that Angels will respect your free will and as such can only intervene if you call on them and ask them to!

You can never call on them too much or be unworthy of calling them in. Everything is to do with your intention and your sincerity of feeling.

They love you and want to help you and so they welcome your calling on them..

You will know when an Angel is near as you will feel a strong sense of calm or knowing and the situation will be helped in a magical way that often you could not have forseen. The Universe is able to find solutions that you could only dream of and so it's helpful to not try to control how the situation is resolved, only to know and trust that it will be solved for everyone's higher good.

Archangel Michael.

This is one of the most well known Angels and there are many depictions of him. He appears to cut the chords of fear and negativity with his sword of light and to give a sense of courage and hope. He offers protection to all those who call on him and so is very keen to help with any situation where you feel unsafe or afraid.








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Updated 27 January 2020.