Black lives matter

Very clear message today these cards jumped out to be seen 🔥💖 we are invited to hold the sacred vision - love has no boundaries. A call to stand strong and call in Archangel Azrael to help through these times of huge change and to hold the vision. It can be hard to speak up sometimes for fear of judgement especially when feelings are running high but the light is in the truth and when you call in the Myriam , the sacred vision , then the light can be seen. The truth is necessary. You awaken the vision of grace. Call in your Angels and your light team to stand around you and to know you are safe during these changes . Stand with love in your heart through the changes speaking up for the truth. Stay true to the light and know that in times of great change and chaos it’s often because the fear first needs first to be released so the light can fill the spaces and bring in the changes . People holding this vision of the light and truth are very important when not everyone is able to hold or see this light.. . Fill your heart with love and this sacred light and spread kindness wherever you can and to everyone that needs it . Hold the light. Find out the truth. If you’re not sure then research educate yourself and others. Stand for love and peace. You can do this when you are in the light then you clearly see and speak the truth, the changes that need to happen or be spoken about even when it’s uncomfortable 💓💗💜 see and hear all your brothers and sisters, your brothers and sisters of colour, indigenous people, people of every gender and race, they need your love and support for the equality and fairness for all of humanity now. It’s time for all to stand in love and peace together . Be love. Be peace. See with the eyes of the Divine always.

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