Beautiful you, spread a little light and love today..

It’s time to stop and smell the roses !! To fully integrate and let the light in and adjust to the changes that intuitively feel right just now. To recognise how far you’ve come. To honour the path you have been paving, one step, however slowly, at a time. There’s no rush, divine timing is perfect. The garden my roses bloomed in feels wild but beautiful right now. A bit like how I’m feeling. I feel the Divine feminine energy connecting and collecting in all around me leaning in, whispering for me to dance and follow the tune playing loudly in my heart . Gracefully leading, nurturing and asking for connection and embrace of the beautiful transformations ive been witnessing and going through daily . To open up and trust the stirrings of the soul, the awakenings, the love, like the opening of each delicious petal to the sunlight . Tentative at first, yet more beautiful with each heady bloom. Filled with a scent that is sweet yet matured in its own grace. Does this rose know and feel it’s own beauty? I hope so. I wish that for us all. The yearning to love and live beautifully gratefully and authentically, greater than ever before. Passion stirring the soul to create and to give from this abundance . To know it’s ok to be me, to be you, perfect each of us , it’s ok to shine as bright as we can. I am grateful for this year. It’s not been an easy one in fact probably the hardest but I’m grateful for the love and carrying of the Angels and the peace I found in the surrendering, knowing the Divine has had a plan for me far greater than I could ever imagine. It takes a lot of faith and facing fears and trauma isn’t pretty at times, let’s be honest but the humbling, the grace and the miracles that follow are beautiful. Just like these roses, life is magnificent and the universe is cheering you on, as am I for all going through these changes. Do keep shining and never lose hope, trust what you feel and share the love thank you Angels #angels #divinefeminine #ascension #ascendedmasters #angel #angelicreikitherapy #angelicreiki #light #energyhealing #energy #selfworth #selflove #loveyourself #teawithangels #teawiththeangels #roses #peaceful #lightworker #lightworkersunite

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Updated 30 April 2020.