Uplifting and positive Angel card readings with Alia..

Areas covered include:


Love, home, Relationships, Family.




Career: New Opportunities, Ideas.


Goals, Desires and Creating Abundance.




Daily, weekly or monthly cards spreads.

Crystal gifts for sale

 Angel card readings are completely confidential, informal, relaxed and very gentle, full of positive and uplifting cards and messages.

Alia is a Certified Angel Card Reader and Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader and an Intuitive Crystal Reader and Spiritual Intuitive.


She has completed and holds numerous certificates in Angel Card Reading and Advanced Angel Tarot Card Reading, in courses by Radleigh Valentine and Doreen Virtue.  

She has studied courses by both Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski in Crystal Reading and completed courses on Divination, The Art of Intuitive Tarot, The Secret of Tarot Cards for Creating Abundance and Animal Communication.


She is currently studying a new Hay House Certified Angel Card Reader Course and a Psychic Tools for Energy Healing Course with teachers such as Radleigh Valentine, Kyle Grey, Denise Linn, Sandra Anne Taylor, Sharon Anne Klingler and Colette Baron Reid and others who are very prominent in the card reading world. She loves to study the cards and divination which all benefit her card readings. Extensive reading on the subject and courses strengthen card readings and enable her to help highlight positive steps and choices there for us all,  towards joy, freedom and love in any life situation.


She has years of experience of intuitively reading cards and recommending various crystals for friends and for charity. She is clairsentient , claircognizant, empathetic, sensitive and loves to give Angel card readings.

It feels empowering for us to see the choices available to us and to know we can choose towards peace and joy at any time and heal any situation for our highest good. This benefits us all as happy people spread happiness which is for the highest good of us all ultimately.


She is owned by her adorable Shih Tzu.

They have inspired her to raise for dog rescue charities and 2 are registered to be therapy dogs due to their loving and healing natures. 


The card readings are intuitive, uplifting and positive and can offer clear help, healing and understanding various situations, past present and future, that come up in life.

Sometimes changes can be challenging, unexpected or confusing and the Angels are here to help!


Whether it be around family, relationships, career, finances, love or even just a question regarding a situation past, present or future, all can be enlightening with the use of the Angel cards to potentially understand or heal these.

The card decks themselves are beautiful and varied, to correspond with various life situations and questions and are all gentle and gorgeous in their imagery and their messages bring a sense of joy and hope to every reading.


Each reading is different and unique and depends on the set of choices at that time.

However, this can change constantly due to our free will and is not a forecast or prediction as such, as it is not set.


A different set of choices can result in a completely new path which gives a sense of freedom and possibility in all our situations.

Positivity, gratitude and hope help us to see a way forward and breathe new life into any situation.

The Angels are here to help achieve results for our highest good and happiness.

Alia can intuitively recommend crystals for each individual which can encourage healing, sometimes teach us how to take steps towards bringing more abundance, love, joy and prosperity into our lives according to the law of attraction and the spiritual laws of the Universe.

A crystal can be purchased to supplement the reading.

Crystals and their supportive and healing energies can further amplify, boost and strengthen readings.

Readings bring a new positive and joyful energy into each area of life harnessing messages of beautiful wisdom and abundance from Angels, which can contain positive direction towards creating your own destiny . 

Alia's wish and hope is that we can all learn to experience the beautiful joy, strength and healing of Angels in our lives and she would like to connect people to the uplifting and peaceful, Divine loving energy that the Angels can hold for us all and see this love in ourselves going forward when we make choices for our lives that feel positive and uplifting.

This can make any changes in life feel peaceful and sometimes easier, even joyful, when we understand the situation more deeply and can begin to take some control.

Come and have a lovely cup of tea of your choice, (or coffee!) and receive an intuitive Angel reading.

Alia feels guided to give any profits of any readings and events currently to charity, as a way to say thank you and runs at no profit currently.

Any donations currently go back into events and running costs and charity.


If you prefer , or are not local, then readings can be given over the phone, FaceTime, Skype or email and all readings are honoured in the strictest of confidence.



To book a reading then please visit the book online page or to contact Alia then please email



or call to chat further..

Look forward to reading for you soon xx


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Readings with Alia and Tea with Angels, are not intended to and should not, replace or substitute your own intuition or any professional, business, legal, financial, psychological or medical opinion, or any advice or any treatment, in any way. Please consult a qualified professional for this as any consultation with Alia or Tea with Angels is not a substitute for professional services. Any treatment, therapy or suggestions are not offered as a cure, diagnosis, or substitute for psychological or medical treatment.

If in any doubt always consult your doctor.

Alia and Tea with Angels are required by law to state and give a legal disclaimer to anyone having  a reading.

All Angel Card Readings are regulated under consumer protection law in the UK and as such, are considered as strictly for entertainment purposes only.

Readings are for those over 18 years of age and simply highlight a series of choices.

Any decisions, choices or any actions taken following any and all communication / reading are your own responsibility.

By booking a reading you are agreeing to these terms and conditions in full.

Many thanks for your understanding.


Come and enjoy a cup of tea, with a card reading and uplifting beautiful Angelic Reiki treatment.

Please contact us for any personal queries.

Updated 7th June 2019.