Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is a beautiful and uplifting, energy based, healing treatment.

It can address mind, body and spirit and aligns you with your higher self to allow the purest Angelic light to facilitate balance and promote wellbeing.


It is high vibrational and very uplifting in its nature and it is suitable for anyone of any age with any condition being open to receive it.

It can be used for pets and sent distantly, with the recipient's agreement.


Archangels and Healing Angels offer their high vibrational light, perfect for each individual and their unique situation.


This beautiful energy can help to empower us to feel stronger and to help bring about any positive changes. It can help increase self esteem, direct us towards well being and can help activate necessary willpower, calm, peace and faith. 

If you would like to know more about Angelic Reiki or to book a taster session, then feel free to contact Alia today.

Angelic Reiki can be combined with readings for a truly wonderful experience in person and can also be sent distantly to all, including pets.  

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Readings with Alia and Tea with Angels, are not intended to and should not, replace or substitute your own intuition or any professional, business, legal, financial, psychological or medical opinion, or any advice or any treatment, in any way. Please consult a qualified professional for this as any consultation with Alia or Tea with Angels is not a substitute for professional services. Any treatment, therapy or suggestions are not offered as a cure, diagnosis, or substitute for psychological or medical treatment.

If in any doubt always consult your doctor.

Alia and Tea with Angels are required by law to state and give a legal disclaimer to anyone having  a reading.

All Angel Card Readings are regulated under consumer protection law in the UK and as such, are considered as strictly for entertainment purposes only.

Readings are for those over 18 years of age and simply highlight a series of choices.

Any decisions, choices or any actions taken following any and all communication / reading are your own responsibility.

By booking a reading you are agreeing to these terms and conditions in full.

Many thanks for your understanding.


Come and enjoy a cup of tea, with a card reading and uplifting beautiful Angelic Reiki treatment.

Please contact us for any personal queries.

Updated 7th June 2019.