Advice Column

I would like to invite you to email me with any 2 questions you have that need clarity or where you might like help finding solutions or moving forwards confidently and I will consult the cards and respond to you for free.

Any subsequent readings following this offer after that per person will be charged at full rate of £22 per half hour or £30 per hour reading and any profit is donated to charity. 

Your feedback is very much appreciated

All readings in strict confidence.

In time, I would like to offer a regular advice column on this website where you can write in for Angel consultations ..

Contact me on to receive this offer now or write to me on the chat feature on this website or blog, to the right hand bottom of this page, I look forward to hearing from you very soon, you can also contact me through instagram, the link is to the bottom of this page in pink..

Alia at Tea with Angels..

Readings are solely for entertainment purposes only and should not replace your own intuition.

Always trust yourself and always consult a professional for any advice or medical advice or health issues etc as we cannot be responsible for any decisions or choices you make.

Many Thanks for reading.

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Readings with Alia and Tea with Angels, are not intended to and should not, replace or substitute your own intuition or any professional, business, legal, financial, psychological or medical opinion, or any advice or any treatment, in any way. Please consult a qualified professional for this as any consultation with Alia or Tea with Angels is not a substitute for professional services. Any treatment, therapy or suggestions are not offered as a cure, diagnosis, or substitute for psychological or medical treatment.

If in any doubt always consult your doctor.

Alia and Tea with Angels are required by law to state and give a legal disclaimer to anyone having  a reading.

All Angel Card Readings are regulated under consumer protection law in the UK and as such, are considered as strictly for entertainment purposes only.

Readings are for those over 18 years of age and simply highlight a series of choices.

Any decisions, choices or any actions taken following any and all communication / reading are your own responsibility.

By booking a reading you are agreeing to these terms and conditions in full.

Many thanks for your understanding.


Come and enjoy a cup of tea, with a card reading and uplifting beautiful Angelic Reiki treatment.

Please contact us for any personal queries.

Updated 7th June 2019.